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Travel Freebies and Deals Around the Web (4th Edition)

So, I know this is called “Travel Freebies and Deals…”, but it looks as if I am straying from the focus a bit. I hope you guys don’t mind, it’s just that there are so many compelling travel stories and destinations that it can be hard to stick to just the deals and freebies. Let me know in the comments if this is ok and I’ll continue to throw in extra goodies each week.

2 Responses to “Travel Freebies and Deals Around the Web (4th Edition)”

  1. Nick says:

    Wow – that’s a lot of freebies… probably won’t be signing up fo rthe NYC contest though… although that could save me $2 each way on the subway, haha

    • Money Infant says:

      Well it does include a 2 night stay at the Trump Hotel Central Park…good for an extended date night. Or maybe it’s just better to go for the Disney trips considering the little ones and all.

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