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Weekly Tweet Roundup #2

It’s been an interesting week in the Twitterverse with lots of great posts to highlight. If you aren’t already following me on Twitter give it a shot. I tweet great posts like this (and more) every single day.

Before we get started with the roundup I also want to let you know that I’ve been added to the PF Bloggers Map over at PTMoney. You’ll have to expand the map to see me, but I’m the only marker in Thailand. Lonely by myself, but cool!

8 Responses to “Weekly Tweet Roundup #2”

  1. Thanks Steve for including my post.

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Steve! Very impressive roundup.

  3. Dr Dean says:

    Thanks for including me. Great list,

  4. Wow. That’s one heck of a roundup!

  5. Thank you for including me!

  6. Jai Catalano says:

    It’s a long list but it’s great so I guess greatness is long.

  7. Thanks for the add, appreciate it! Btw, great list, I’d like to start doing my own type of round up my self!

  8. Money Infant says:

    @SB – You’re very welcome SB

    @Nick – My pleasure Nick. Hope you have time to get through some of the articles this weekend.

    @Dr Dean – You’re welcome Dr. Dean and thanks for the compliment.

    @Rick – Yeah and that’s actually the condensed version of my tweets for the week because I only put one link for each blog.

    @Aloysa – Anytime Aloysa!

    @Paul – Yep busy reading and tweeting week, thanks for the compliment. Do you mean to read through the carnivals or to submit to carnivals?

    @Jai – Yes it is a long list, only because I read too much when I should be working. It’s hard not to include anyone just to keep the list shorter.

    @FMT – You’re welcome and thanks for the compliment. I’ll be looking forward to your first roundup soon then :)

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