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What began as a personal finance blog in 2010 has since evolved, growing as you might say from an infant to an adult. The early articles remain on the site as I believe that they do provide good information for those who may just be starting to get a handle on their finances. We will even add to the personal finance side of the blog from time to time, when we find topics that are relevant.

The focus of Money Infant these days is more on what to do with your new found wealth once you have your spending under control and have that extra money each month, whether its $100, $1,000 or even $1,000,000! Just as you need to grow into an adult with your finances, it is important to grow from an infant to an adult when it comes to investing – and that’s where Money Infant aims to help.

You can’t build wealth if you base your finances solely on cutting back expenses. You can do so much better by keeping your expenses under your income, and then finding a way to grow that income. And one of the best long term methods for wealth creation is through investment in publicly traded stocks.

If you’ve never bought a stock in your life you well may be a Money Infant, but you don’t have to remain one. Sign up for our newsletter and let us bring you bits of knowledge about stocks and investing that will help you grow as an investor. Even if you already have a portfolio, you will find something of interest in our analysis of individual stocks, sectors, and market trends. We welcome everyone, and hope you’ll respond to posts here to help foster a discussion and further growth.

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