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Weekly Tweet Roundup #1

As you know if you are following me on Twitter (you are right? All the cool kids follow me), I tweet quite a lot during the week. Pretty much anything I find interesting, fun or instructional in the world of personal finance. There’s a good chance that if you are a blogger you’ve seen me tweet some of your posts already. If not don’t be sad…I’m sure I’ll be tweeting your stuff in the future.

Here is a list of some of my favorite tweets from the last week. Please take some time to visit and read if you haven’t already, these bloggers have put a lot of time and effort into their sites and we want to encourage them as much as possible. Cheers!

  • Why Single Men Love Growing Old via @FinancialSamura
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Your Tenant Have A Pet! via @URFinanceSimple
  • Time for a New Income Benchmark: $100,000 Ain’t What It Used to Be via @lenpenzo
  • The 3 E’s of Success via @krantcents
  • Stop Blaming the Economy For Your Hardships via @LAMFinances
  • How to Be Frugal – 10 Top Tips from Our Panel via @HelpMetoSave
  • Buy This, Not That: Jesse Pinkman’s Vehicle of Choice via @IAmDebtProject
  • 50 Things No One Told Me About America via @MyBrokenCoin
  • Learn to Ask the Right Question via @7million7years
  • I’ll Admit It – I Am A Tightwad via @boomerandecho
  • Would You Invest A Portion Of Your Emergency Fund? via @MoneyMatters
  • How Soon Could We Be Debt Free if We Went All Out? via @MintingNickels
  • 6 ways to fund yourself to wealth via @JoeTaxpayerBlog
  • Creating a Simple Budget the Beating Broke Way via @BeatingBroke
  • Would $10,000 Change Your Life? via @OneFrugalGirl
  • The Buffett Rule via @moneysma
  • On the Road to Wealth – the First $100,000 Was the Hardest via @bitfs
  • What if You Won the Lottery… And Then Lost It All? via @dinks_finance
  • 7 Hilarious Ways to Waste Money via @budgetsaresexy
  • The Pro’s and Con’s of Preparing Your Own Taxes via @onlyonecent
  • Website Income vs Dividend Stocks: Which One Comes Out On Top? via @youngandthrifty
  • Why You Should Live Like No One Else via @affordanything
  • Save Money By Living a Simpler Life via @bucksome
  • Top 5 Reasons Budgets Fail via @pfmastery
  • A fun way to frame the “want” versus “need” debate via @saftmblog
  • Alternative Ways Of Making Money Online via @yakezie
  • National Foreclosure Settlement Helps Homeowners via @retirebyforty
  • Should the Fed be Fighting Deflation or Inflation? via @SFFinances
  • Unconventional Wisdom In Personal Finance via @moneycone
  • Join Me at the America Saves Week Twitter Party via @ptmoney
  • Save Money or Quit Job, End Lease, and Travel to China for 3 Weeks? via @wellheeledblog
  • Stop Making Excuses and DO Something! via @sooverdebt
  • Not Giving Up via @moneycrush
  • Oh and in other news I was included this week in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie. Thanks Marissa!

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8 Responses to “Weekly Tweet Roundup #1”

  1. krantcents says:

    Thanks for the inclusion, I am in very good company.

  2. Lindy Mint says:

    Thanks for tweeting. And linking!

  3. youngandthrifty says:

    Thanks for the mention! I love twitter and that’s where I read most of my blogs too 😉

    • You’re welcome! Hopefully you’re following me over there, I’m tweeting good stuff all the time. And remember what I said about the cool kids 😉

  4. MoneyCone says:

    Thanks for the mention Steve!

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