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I Have Joined the Yakezie Challenge

The Yakezie Challenge was created in December 2009 by Sam at Financial Samurai and from humble beginnings has grown to be the largest (that I know of) personal finance blogger network on the internet. As I write this it is quite unusual to find a popular PF blog that does not display the Yakezie badge proudly.

As usual I am late to the party, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still have fun.

Yakezie is actually comprised of two parts for PF bloggers; the Yakezie Challenge and the Yakezie Network. As stated on the Yakezie website “The Yakezie Network is a list of some of the finest personal finance and lifestyle blogs in the world”. And looking through the list of the member sites the statement is 100% accurate. However, to be admitted into the exalted ranks of the Yakezie Network one must first complete the Yakezie Challenge. The duration of the challenge is 6 months and new members are invited to join the Yakezie Network in Jan/Feb and again in July/Aug. I hope to be in the Jul/Aug group of new members.


1) Install the Alexa toolbar if not already and comment what your current Alexa ranking is, so we can keep track.
2) Write consistently 2-4 times a week for 6 months.
3) Install the Yakezie badge with pride.
4) Announce on your blog that you have joined the challenge.
5) Selflessly promote others.

I have already completed 1 and 3 and this post serves as completion of #4. As of this writing my Alexa rank is 1,154,272 so as you can see I have some way to go, but since the Challenge is meant to last 6 months I think cracking 200,000 is doable. I have also begun to selflessly promote, primarily through Twitter and Facebook and I will be reaching out to Yakezie members in other ways over the next 6 months (and beyond).

Wish me luck as I embark on this selfless journey of discovery and success!

UPDATE: After 40 days and 40 nights I broke through 200K on March 13th, 2012! Currently at 195,557.

7 Responses to “I Have Joined the Yakezie Challenge”

  1. Nick says:

    Great stuff Steve. I can attest to your selfless promotion on Twitter. Good luck with the Challenge – looking forward to crossing the finish line with you.

  2. Welcome! Hope to see you around more. Your comment data box and share box overlap btw. It might just be my own browser. Have a great weekend!


    • MoneyInfant says:

      Thanks Sam, it might be your browser or it might be my new sharing plugin. Hopefully the latter as I will be changing themes in the next couple of days which will resolve the issue if it’s on my end. You have a great weekend too and come back to check out the delicious Buffalo wing recipe I just posted!

  3. Good luck with the challenge. 440k today! Let me know if I can help at all.

  4. Money Infant says:

    After 40 days and 40 nights I broke through 200K!
    Currently at 195,557.

  5. So will only those who successfully complete the Yakezie Challenge will be permitted to enter the the Yakezie Network ?

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