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Kings of Cash Flow – The Coronation Edition

Welcome to the Kings of Cash Flow Coronation Edition. This is just the first of what I hope to be many royal decrees by you; The Kings of Cash Flow! Our coronation edition brings some very interesting and profitable ideas from a select group of talented writers. Please take a minute to drop by each of their blogs and show your support and fealty :)

  • Edward Antrobus at Edward Antrobus makes a perfect bid to be the first King of Cash Flow with The Cash Flow Budget
    I don’t budget any more. I measure cash-flow instead! My approach to budgeting explained in The Cash Flow Budget.

  • Jon Rhodes from Affiliate Tips teaches us How To Make Money From Your Hobbies
    This post shows you some ways to make cash from your hobbies. Is this something you would like to do?

  • Jefferson at See Debt Run gets creative with cash flow to decrease financing cash flow expenses with The Great Mortgage Money Shuffle
    This article discussed using a “staging” account to help you pay off your mortgage. This account can be funded across multiple paychecks, limiting the impact of such a large payment.

  • Jeffrey Strain at The Frugal Toad looks at improving cash flow by reducing expenses in 11 Ways to Save Money While Skiing
    Hitting the slopes is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. Many enthusiasts save their pennies all summer long, to be ready to head up to their favorite resort when the first report of fresh powder comes in. Still others travel during the off-season, scheduling entire vacations around chasing the snow.

  • Dividend Ninja at The Dividend Ninja tackles investment cash flow with Dividend Stocks from Thailand: Higher Yield in the Emerging Market
    But what if you reside in another country such as Thailand, and you gained a knowledge and understanding of the companies around you. Would you be inclined to invest in them? Most stocks that trade on the SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand) would be considered small-cap companies by North American standards, with higher debt and higher yields. If you are feeling adventurous, here are three Thai stocks to consider:

  • Max Messner at Maximizing Money gets creative with cash flow by Growing Hydroponic Herbs to Sell at Markets and Make Extra Money
    Growing hydroponic herbs to sell at local markets can help you make some extra money on the side, especially during the winter months if you are an indoor farmer.

  • Suba from Wealth Informatics give you a guide for How to negotiate salary even in a tough economy
    Here is a step by step guide for negotiating salary – persuade the employer to offer you a higher salary without taking yourself out of the running for the job.

  • Tyler from Poor Student wants you to Make Money Being A Mystery Shopper
    Lots of people shop but only end up spending their own money. But if you become a mystery shopper you can get paid to shop. You get the pleasure of shopping without the cost and with some money for the “trouble”.

  • Ryan from Cash Money Life asks How Much Money Do You Need? Take it One Day at a Time
    If you ask someone who much money they need to earn to maintain their standard of living or to reach a financial goal, they probably can’t give you a good answer. This article helps readers answer that question by breaking things down one day at a time.
  • I want to thank all the Coronation Edition members for making the very first Kings of Cash Flow a success. You are truly a royal group of individuals!

    If you want to see your post featured in the Kings of Cash Flow simply head over to our simple form and take a minute to submit your post. Yes, it really is that easy to be granted a “royal audience”.

    5 Responses to “Kings of Cash Flow – The Coronation Edition”

    1. WorkSaveLive says:

      There are some great posts here! Might have to get in on the action next week!

    2. Ryan says:

      Thanks for hosting! Definitely lots of cool articles. I think too many people underestimate the importance of cash flow in regard to financial planning and ultimately financial freedom.

    3. Max says:

      I’m very excited to be a part of the inaugural edition of your new carnival. Thank you for including me in your list.

    4. Paul @ The Frugal Toad says:

      Thanks for including us and best of luck with the Carnival!

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